Metrobus strike case

While the sa municipal workers' union said about 10 000 members were to down tools this morning, the joburg metro police department said the strike may not happen samwu's joburg branch secretary dumisani langa told the star this morning that members were to gather at the beyers naude square at 9am. Menu home news south africa key witness in coligny teenage murder case testifies key witness in coligny teenage murder case testifies metrobus strike continues. The five-week strike by metrobus drivers may have ended, the president of the sa municipal workers union said. The british airways strike and the human right to free assembly.

Update: the latest news on the bus strike that left commuters stranded the strike is due to the fact that wage negotiations have deadlocked, meaning no agreement was reached april 12, 2017. 05-07-2018 the regional government has increased public transport frequency across madrid for mado 2018 the regional government of madrid has set a minimum service of 73% for the metro strike action on 7 july. Metrobus strike deal is questioned by city councillors (allafricacom english via thomson dialog newsedge) johannesburg, apr 26, 2007 (business day/all africa global media via comtex) --johannesburg council members are questioning the process behind the deal made between senior city officials and the south african. London bus workers in seventeen bus companies will still be on strike tomorrow (friday 22 june) despite a high court injunction which britain’s largest union, unite branded an ‘affront to democracy.

Ba's lawyers were inspired by a case against a bus strike in london last year that was ruled illegal due to irregularities in the ballot running up to industrial action metrobus won the legal battle using a section of the 1992 trade union act that requires unions to give the company accurate voting information, including the number of. Clean metrobus: ‘our drivers are being intimidated’ bus commuters in johannesburg is struggling to find alternatives for a third consecutive day, due to the strike bus drivers belonging to the democratic municipal and allied workers union of. In 2016, first transit and amalgamated transit union local 1764, which represents the workers, agreed to a new labor contract that increased wages for the workers and brought the bus drivers’ salaries on par with those of metrobus operators.

The following was written by frederick antonio gallucci | @gibblegbble does the proposed trade union bill further undermine the ‘right to strike. The rosebank killarney gazette is currently at the court and can confirm that the case has been postponed to 10 november the accused remains out on bail @rk_gazette the #parktownboys case has been postponed to 10 nov the accused will remain out on bail a former parktown high school for boys. Court upholds right to collective bargaining two recent rulings by the european court of human rights state that the exercise of the right to form and join trade unions includes the right to collective bargaining and the right to strike the judgement in the first case, demir and baykara v turkey. Please find a selection from metro’s statement regarding transit service in the case of a workers union strike beginning next week: you may have learned from reports in the news or from a metro employee about the possibility of a strike by amalgamated transit union (atu) local 788, the union that represents metro call-a-ride, metrobus and. Die ossewa antiques treks on melville – die ossewa antique shop has closed it doors for the last time, and is planning on auctioning off their remaining stock in the coming month february 20, 2015.

Bus strike metrobus finally enters into negotiations with striking union ‘bus industry in crisis’ staff. Metrobus management is meeting with union leaders to resolve issues which led to a bus driver strike, the bus service spokesperson esther dreyer said on. Right to strike is being eroded, says ba union previous dispute at bus firm uncovered loophole seized on by lawyers in british airways case. Gabu tugwana, a city of johannesburg spokesperson, today announced that the five-week metrobus strike is over tugwana said that the sa municipal workers union had accepted the deal offered by metrobus and had gone to consult their members.

  • In july 2009, the opportunity arose, in the case of metrobus v unite the union [2009] ewca civ 829 (‘metrobus’), to test this line of argument before the court of appeal acting for unite, john hendy qc contended that the decision of the court of human rights had significant implications for the interpretation of the 1992 act under s 3(1.
  • Commuters will continue to bear the brunt of the ongoing bus strike talks between unions representing bus drivers and employers once again broke down the strike is now in its third week employers are holding firm on their offer of 8 percent increases in the first year and 85 percent increase in the second year.
  • Unison v westminster city council: ca 21 mar 2001 february 8, 2018 admin off employment, local ratio: the union served a notice of a pre-strike ballot on the council regarding a proposed privatisation and contracting out of services the council alleged that this was not a trade dispute but one regarding public policy the judge’s.

Metrobus managing director bheki shongwe said it was possible that the shootings were linked to the ongoing metrobus strike which started on january 31 at this stage we cannot say for sure that there is a link, but we are gathering facts in both cases, said shongwe. Metrobus strike remains in gear by unknown - 30 january 2007 - 02:00 a metrobus strike looks set to continue today amid threats by the south african municipal workers' union (samwu) to expand the industrial action into a secondary strike. Impacts on the dc region would be significant in the case that both metrorail and metrobus go on strike uber capped its surge pricing at 39 times the usual rates during a one-day shutdown declared by wiedefeld in 2016 due to potentially-fatal safety concerns.

metrobus strike case Striking a deal labour & european law  the judge agreed that there were fatal defects in the notice of the ballot and the two strike notices, and that unite had not notified metrobus promptly enough of the result of the ballot the union appealed, arguing (among other things) that the judgement cut across the rights conferred by article 11.
Metrobus strike case
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